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Wine Tasting At A Vineyard

Wine spends a lot of time in our homes, but how many of us visit it in its natural habitat? Whether you visit a UK vineyard or venture further afield, it’s an experience you’ll remember every time you drink a glass.

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The Perfect Glass In The Perfect Setting

Wine tasting is the ultimate combination: beautiful scenery, history and alcohol.

The experience is great to share with family and friends and makes for an ideal gift for even those that are hard to please. As you learn all about how it goes from grape to bottle, you get a real behind-the-scenes glimpse into how the wine is made.

There are a lot of great wineries right here in the UK. But, if you go to the likes of France or Italy, you’re more likely to find the sunshine waiting. Wherever you choose, be sure to sit back, relax and swirl your glass like a pro.

Why go to a Vineyard?


Wine tasting is the best way to step out of your wine comfort zone and try something new – without then getting stuck with an expensive bottle you don’t like. With so many different samples on offer, you’re sure to find a new favourite.

You’ll also be surrounded by experts who really know their stuff, so you can find out all the interesting facts. Be sure to remember them so you can wow people with your wine knowledge at your next get-together.


A typical tour is a few hours long – perfect for a summer’s afternoon. Some people embark on fortnight-long tours which may sound like your idea of heaven or hell.

You begin by touring the vineyard and looking at where the grapes grow. If it’s the right time of year, you may be able to try some straight from the vine. Then you’ll observe the production process and finishing off by sampling the produce.

Spain in the winner with over 10,000 square kilometres of vineyards. This is followed by France, Italy and Turkey.

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Small-Group Champagne Tour from Paris Including 3-Course Lunch

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Other Great Vineyard Trips


UK Vineyard Tours
If you want to try somewhere closer to home, there's some incredible vineyards in the UK and now is better than ever to visit them.
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Wine Tour Resources


  • Book flights to whichever reqion you choose to visit, using Skyscanner.
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  • Find the best accommodation for your budget for your trip by using
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  • You can have gorgeous wine delivered to the comfort of your home in this wine club.
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