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Swim with Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins with the beautiful backdrop of the ocean is like living a scene from a movie. And you’ll no doubt see other marine life too!

Photo by Talia Cohen

Meet an Ocean favourite

Swimming with dolphins with the beautiful backdrop of the ocean is like living a scene from a movie. And you’ll no doubt see other marine life too!

Dolphins are one creature that we just can't get enough of. People go on dolphin-watching boat trips, they see dolphins perform in aquatic parks, and of course the big one is swimming with dolphins in the wild.

Swimming with these playful and intelligent creatures can make the perfect travel experience or gift, so here's everything you need to know about swimming with dolphins.

Where To Go Swimming With Dolphins

Whilst you're here you can spot dolphins and even catch some waves yourself to see how graceful you are in the water.
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Galapagos Islands
Floating closest to Ecuador, this cluster of islands in South America and UNESCO World Heritage Site is a remarkable diving spot.
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When is the best time to swim with dolphins?

If you're hoping to swim with dolphins in the ocean, in their natural habitat, dolphin watching and swimming tours will likely only run in the summer months. This way it's more likely that you’ll see plenty of dolphins, and there’s little to no risk of a storm disrupting your experience.

Other Places To Swim With Dolphins

Hawaii (Kailua-Kona)
Kailua-Kona is a west coast town on Hawaii’s Big Island, and it’s one of the best places in Hawaii to see and swim with dolphins.
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New Zealand (Kaikoura)
Kaikoura is well known as the place to be if you want to go wildlife watching. Located on the South Island, the waters around Kaikoura are full of sperm whales, seals, and of course dolphins!
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