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See the Northern Lights

Number one on so many peoples bucket lists, the northern Lights are a natural spectacular producing some of the most mesmerising views of the world.

Photo by Sam Ekpil

What are the Northern Lights?

Number one on so many peoples bucket lists, the northern Lights are a natural spectacular producing some of the most mesmerising views of the world, perfect for the all important photo collection.

Named the Aurora Borealis by Galileo in 1619. The term comes from from the Roman goddess of the dawn and the Greek name for the north wind.

The visual display known as the Aurora occurs when highly charged electrons from solar wind collide with the atmospheric elements around the north pole. The effects are dazzling!

When to see the Northern Lights?

With the Northern Light being a natural wonder, unfortunately the Aurora doesn't like keeping to a certain time-slot. It does though follow patterns throughout the year. You are most likely to see nature's show between the months of September and March.

As you need to travel into or close to the arctic circle to see the Northern Lights the weather during the Arctic winter can be incredibly cold, so you may want to look at the start and end of the season such as September and March.

Where To Stay To See The Northern Lights

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Other places to watch the Northern Lights


The Northern Lights is strongest from August/September through the very beginning of April.

The best chances of seeing the Northern Lights are in the Arctic Circle. This includes Iceland, Canada, Norway.

To maximise your chances, visit at the right time of year as mentioned, and also stay for long enough such as a week, to allow for some weather changes such as heavy clouds.


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