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See Chichén Itzá

Surrounded by legends, the ruins of Chichén Itzá harbour secrets from a culture long forgotten...

More Than Just Ruins

Chichén Itzá was a large, pre-Columbian city built by the Mayan people. Its ruins are Mexico’s most popular attraction as they offer a glimpse into the period 550 AD when they were created.

As a new Seven Wonder of the World, most tourists come to see the iconic Temple of Kukulkan (also known as El Castillo). However, the site has much more to offer including intricately carved temples and scenic forestry.

Why visit Chichén Itzá


There’s a lot to explore in Chichén Itzá. As well as the Temple of Kukulkan, there is a Temple of Warriors which is named because of the carved columns depicting warriors that surround the outside.

Better yet, the Observatory, which dates back to 906 AD, has doors and windows that are aligned to astronomical events. The Mayans knew a great deal about the night sky and you can feel their knowledge crackling in the Observatory’s air.


To avoid the cold, wet weather, you should visit Mexico between November and April.

Chichen Itza's primary purpose was to serve as a religious centre for the local people. Today, it brings people together from all across the world to marvel at its beauty.

For an adult, it is approximately $13. On Sundays, it’s free for Mexicans to visit so you should expect it to be a lot busier.

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