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See The Great Blue Hole, Belize

As if tropical reefs were not alluring enough, this circle well of the sea is a whopping 318 metres wide and 124 metres deep!

Exactly What It Says On The Tin

The Great Blue Hole is just that… a great blue hole. A giant marine sinkhole off the coast of Belize, it attracts scuba divers from all around the world to its transparent waters.

Full of fish, intrigue and wonder, the hole lives in the Lighthouse Reef which offers so much to explore. Inside the hole itself are thousands of stalactites which show how it was once lived above water as a cave.

Why Visit The Great Blue Hole?


One reason to get a move on is that it’s predicted this sinkhole won’t be around forever. As more and more sand falls into it each day, it’s described an ‘underwater hourglass’ that is slowly filling up.

However, because of its depth, the Great Blue Hole is recommended to only be dived by those with experience. Its nickname of “diver’s cemetery” might give you a clue as to why.


The underwater sinkhole is the world's largest of it's kind. Measuring a whopping 318 metres wide and 124 metres deep.

In 2018, scuba divers set off to discover the secrets of the hole. At the bottom, beneath layers of toxic hydrogen sulfide, past which no life existed, was an eerie calm. Also a few bodies of the lives the hole had previously claimed.

Scientists believe that the hole used to be a cave which was formed 14,000 years ago. After the Ice Age, as things melted, the cave became flooded and collapsed and left behind the sink hole.

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