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Go To King’s Day

The King’s Day carnival celebrates a Dutch monarch’s birthday, but it’ll feel like it’s yours as you party all day and night.

Photo by Snowdonia 360

A Citywide Street Party

King’s Day celebrates King Willem-Alexander’s birthday on the 27th of April. Up until 2013, it was known as Queen’s Day for his mother, Queen Beatrix. Whatever the day is called, the Dutch get the day off to celebrate, and boy, do they party in style.

The city becomes a sea of orange as everyone dresses head-to-toe in the national colour. Wigs, face paint, glitter – go big and bold or don’t bother at all. As the city comes alive for this celebration, there’s no better time to explore. If you like a good party, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Why Check Out King's Day?


King’s Day is a great opportunity to visit Amsterdam and see all it has to offer. Whether you’ve never been but feel like you’ve seen most of it on your Facebook feed, or come regularly to frequent its coffee shops, King’s Day puts a fresh spin on a typical ‘Dam trip.

With even more to do than usual, you can really pack your visit with fun stuff. Better yet, you’ll never be stuck for food as delicious treats lie in street vendor’s carts on every corner. The most popular snack of King’s Day is a tompouce, a sweet cream pastry, which is obviously orange too. So, feast like a king and party like royalty, you’ll have a wicked time on these city streets.

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King's Day Camping

Hit up the famous streets, canals and parks of Amsterdam for the Netherland’s biggest party of the year with Stoke Travel. Camp out under the stars and stay with like-minded travellers to make your King’s Day experience truly unforgettable.

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Stoke Travel have been running trips like these for years, so really know their stuff. You're guaranteed to have a great time.

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With Stoke Travel, you can add extras to your trip such as canal boat parties, bike tours, museum visits and pub crawls. You can really make this trip your own and do everything on your bucket list.

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Breakfast is provided so you don’t need to worry about fueling up for the day. All you need to find is something for lunch and dinner, luckily there are food vendors on every street corner!

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Things To Do



Shops are allowed to open, however, most high street stores stay closed. Supermarkets usually open on reduced hours, and small businesses typically keep running amongst the festivities. So, don’t worry, you’ll still have a chance to stock up on supplies for when you’re hungover the next day.

It’s not a rule that you have to wear orange, and you’ll see some spoilsports in the crowds not bothering to dress up. But you’ll stick out like a sore thumb, so get into the festival spirit and put some orange on!

Yes, on limited services. The best way to arrive in the city on King’s Day is via train, as bus and trams are limited to the outskirts of the city centre. There are restrictions to deal with the crowds, so make sure you leave with loads of time so you don’t spend you King’s Day cramped on a train.

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