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Simply put, the world's most iconic music festival.

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5 Days Of Avant Garde At Worthy Farm

Michael Eavis and his family farm have created the world's finest, most history laden and eclectic music festival in the world.

Glastonbury is more like a patchwork of awesome festivals, stapled together by the muddy footprints of wellington wearing ravers. Shangri La, Unfairground, Arcadia's Pangea, Block9 and the Pyramid stage, there are more areas and activities in Glastonbury music festival than some major cities.

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There's no other way around it. Glastonbury is a unique experience and to get your tickets you'll have to be up early and dialled in (literally) to get yourself in. Go direct to the Glastonbury ticketing site and check out the tips to make sure you're one of the lucky ones who punches your ticket to the world's greatest music festival.

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First you must register on the official Glastonbury website, and then call (probably several times) as soon as the tickets are officially released to be in with a shout at securing some.

Worthy Farms has hosted Glastonbury since it's inception. The farms situation in Pilton - Sommerset, in the South of England.

Wellington boots for crying out loud. Since the festival takes place in England, rain is all but guaranteed. When the farmland becomes closer to a bog than a dancefloor you'll be thankful you have rubber up to your knee caps.

Of course! There's literally hundreds of thousands of potential friends, and not many places on Earth as as welcoming and warm as the magical lands of Glastonbury.


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