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If you're a petrol head and love racing, then you're sure to know about F1. But have you been to see a race yet?

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The ultimate single seater racing series.

The F1 calendar has superstars of racing such as Lewis Hamilton, and the calendar includes iconic circuits such as Monza, Monte Carlo, Silverstone and Melbourne.

If you're a petrol head and love racing, then you're sure to know about F1. But have you been to see a race yet?

History of Formula 1


Formula one refers to the rules that cars must comply to to race in the event. This name has stuck ever since, and the scene of racing cars as fast as you can goes back to the 1930's. With different races taking place during this time across different countries, in 1950 the first World Championship Race, was born at Silverstone.

The sport has not gone without it's controversies. 13 deaths in it's first decade alone can cause much question into the benefit or risk of the sport, but with continuous technological advances, the cars have become safer than ever, while still being able to become faster!

With great rivalries throughout the years such as Ayrton Senna v Alain Prost, Mika Hakkinen v Michael Schumacher, and recently Lewis Hamilton v Nico Rosberg, each race can have you on the edge of your seat, and the race weekend experience seeing it in person, can really set the heart racing.

The 2019 Season


The 2019 season looks set to be one of the most competitive seasons to in modern times. The 2018 season ended with Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull drivers sharing wins in 3 of the last 4 races. Also there's the new aerodynamic rules that add in a mix of unpredictability, meaning the opening races could throw in some unexpected results.

The year kicks off with in Melbourne with the race on March 17th, and the 21 race season ends in Abu Dhabi again, but this time on December 1st, marking the latest end to a season for over 50 years.

There's no new tracks, and no 'triple header' weekend as first occurred last season., but that should be no reason for you to make 2019 the year you go to watch a Formula One Race.

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Suzuka, Japan Rugby and F1 Combo! 13th October 2019 Gullivers Sports Travel

Could you tie in both the Formula One race with seeing the 2019 Rugby World Cup?

This year, the calendars have fallen so sweetly that you are able to attend both the Rugby World Cup and the Formula One, in one trip!

With the Rugby World Cup running from 20 Sep 2019 – 2 Nov 2019 and then the Japanese Grand Prix being held in Suzuka on 13th October, you can kill two birds with one stone for an unforgettable combo!

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Gullivers Sports Travel are a brand with a huge history, and what also makes them unique is their official partnerships.
As well as Formula One, they specialise in Rugby, Cricket, and Tennis tours.

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With the list of partners including The British Lions, Silverstone race track, England Hockey and more, you have a wealth of experience from their team. They are ATOL protected, and their ABTA NUMBER is: V8321

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Check out all packages on offer, as there are a wide range of costs and levels of hospitality to suit your needs.

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Other top picks for the 2019 Calendar


Monza, Italy
Monza is the home of Ferrari, and potentially the best circuit on the calendar for atmosphere. A race for the purists!
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The glitz and the glamour of Monaco all culminate on F1 Race weekend! If you want to attend this one, you are gong to need a a big wallet (or credit card)
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