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Go Surfing

Catch a ride on a gigantic wave and see where nature takes you… Don’t fall off, you’ll end up with a mouth full of salt!

Photo by Pascal Büchel

A Free Ride From Nature

Surfing is as close as you can get to walking on water. You learn to push your boundaries and predict nature’s next moves. The concentration you need to focus on not falling off brings with it an incredible adrenaline rush. So, if you class yourself as a thrill-seeker, surfing may be your perfect new hobby.

It can take you all over the world; with beautiful beaches and roaring tides in stunning places like Costa Rica, Hawaii, Morroco, and Bali, it’s the perfect excuse to get yourself on a plane and chase those waves. Better yet, you don’t have to go far from home if you don’t want – wherever the sea is, is a surfer’s dream.

Why learn to surf?


It’s always great to learn a new skill, but surfing comes with added benefits – a killer tan being one of them. You can make a lot of likeminded friends and challenge yourself again and again with new goals. It’s easy enough to pick up the very basics and once you learn the surfing terminology you’ll really start to feel like one of the gang.

Being out on the waves will help you hone your patience, relationship with nature and ability to fall gracefully off a surfboard (it’ll happen a lot!)

Where To Surf


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Hit the waves with Surf Maroc

Morroco has a big surfing scene and has a lot to offer those who love the sea.

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Surf Maroc is Morroco’s leading surf and yoga holiday company. They’ve been running trips since 2003 and specialise in surfing packages.

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Choose from guided and chauffered surfing trips to an expert surfing coaching programme. See the exciting sites of Morroco from your surfboard.

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Bag yourself a place alongside an expert local guide who not only knows all the best waves but the least crowded spots.

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Start with a lightweight or soft-top board that’s roughly 8 foot long (unless you’re super tall) as this will help you learn your paddling technique and balancing skills.

Obviously you don’t have to have surfing lessons to grab a board and head out to sea. But they might be a good idea if you don’t have a pro to show you the ropes, otherwise you might learn bad habits and not progress as quickly as you’d like.

Two surfing lessons are a good starting point. It’s not a big commitment, you can see if you like it and it gives you a chance to work on what you learnt in your first lesson.

Surfing Essentials


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