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Fly in a Helicopter

Helicopter flights can be a great travel experience for those looking for a bit of luxury, adventure or both!

Photo by Cristian Grecu

Landscapes from a birds eye view

Imagine soaring high above a city’s skyscrapers, or looking down on a beautiful natural site.

Helicopter flights aren't just for the likes of James Bond. In fact, you can find helicopter experiences in most cities, and at most tourist destinations. It can be a great travel experience for those looking for a bit of luxury, adventure or both!

It's the perfect way to treat yourself or gift someone else. it's exciting and thrilling, it's adventurous, but it's also romantic and a great way to see your destination from a birds-eye perspective.

Why do people fly in a helicopter?


Helicopter experiences can be one of the most luxurious and exciting travel experiences. You get to fly high above your destination, looking down on everything you've seen so far, and everything you're still yet to see on your trip. It’s the perfect chance for some incredible photos from above.

For some, helicopter experiences are simply about sightseeing from a different angle, for others they're about pushing through a fear of heights for a thrilling experience, and for couples, flying in a helicopter can be a truly romantic experience.

When is the best time to fly in a helicopter?


The best time for a helicopter ride depends on personal preference, because let's face it, it’s going to be amazing whatever time you fly.

Many people want to fly at first light, which happens about 20 minutes before sunrise. At this time, you'll get a magical sky, and a peaceful experience, but it does require a very early start – sometimes as early as 4am! You can also get a similar view at sunset or twilight, with the same warm colours.

If you're flying over a city, another good time to take to the skies is midday. With the sun at its highest, every skyscraper and landmark will be lit up and in full view. Some experiences even offer flights at night, or for special occasions such as New Years Eve at Midnight!

Top Destinations for Helicopter Rides


New York City
New York City is the home of Brooklyn Bridge, The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, The Empire State Building and more, making it one of the most iconic cities to see from the sky.
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Everest Base Camp
A cold, but very cool helicopter tour is the Everest Base camp helicopter tour. The flight is longer than most on the list, providing you with four hours travelling with incredible mountains
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our pick


The Grand Canyon Get your Guide

High on people's lists already is the Grand Canyon. We believe that there's no better way to see this Natural Wonder of the world that is visited by millions of people every year, than by helicopter.

When you embark on one of the Grand Canyon tour you can choose a tour to suit you. Our favourite tour here though is the Skywalk getaway with Helicopter and Boat Tour which includes.

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With Get Your Guide you're not tied into a package trip and can pick and choose activities to create your own itinerary according to your timeline and budget.

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The Grand Canyon gets our pick purely due to being so high on peoples lists in it's own right. With the climate here so tough, and the landscape so vast, its much more enjoyable to see this wonder of the world in a helicopter, than on a long bus journey.

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Check out the tours to make sure you pick the right one. Some people really want to see the Hoover Dam, whereas some prefer landing into the canyon.

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Helicopter Experiences and Resources

Virgin Experience Days
  • Virgin experience days are also a provider of plenty of excursions for helicopter rides, around the UK.
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Get your Guide

  • Choose activities according to your timeline and budget with Get Your Guide.
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  • If you're a Viator user find the best experience to match your own timeline and budget here.
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  • Make sure you're geared up for your trip with Amazon, your photos are going to be worth it.
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